How to Better Your Health and Become an Ally During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The entire month of October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In remembrance of many people who have lost their lives to the disease, as well as in alliance with the many people who still battle the disease, this month commemorates them all.

While the causes of breast cancer are unknown, you can still better your health and become an ally in the fight against breast cancer. For starters? This coming October, schedule yourself for a 2d mammogram in Paterson to protect yourself from the ravages of this disease.

Other ways you can both better your health and become a Breast Cancer Awareness ally include:

Host a Luncheon for the Women in Your Life

Be respectful of the women in your life and all that they go through. While this is good advice for any time, it’s especially important as an ally during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can make the luncheon a catered event. Or opt for a potluck where everyone brings their favorite dish.

If you decide to make the luncheon a charity event, you can donate the gathered funds to Breast Cancer Research.

Take Your Health Seriously to Stave Off Diseases

Taking your health seriously means eating good, wholesome foods and getting plenty of exercise in. Yes, diseases can still happen, but ensuring your health can help you protect yourself against conditions that are preventable.

Wear Pink Ribbons Throughout October to Show Your Support

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Pink is the color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Buy a pink ribbon and pin it to your shirt whenever you go out.

Side note: Look to see if there are any Breast Cancer Awareness marches in your city. Join in!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an important part of the United States history. You can live a healthy life and be an ally in the fight against breast cancer by simply showing care to yourself and compassion and support to others.